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Day of Infamy getting Free Weekend and Update

day of infamy getting free weekend and update linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Since there have are over a billion shots fired. Including 7 million objectives captured and 50 million player deaths. The largest war of all time continues to rage on. Available across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac, Windows. Day of Infamy, the hardcore WWII shooter from the creators of Insurgency. Now on the hunt for new recruits to join over 275,000 existing players. Since we there will be a battlefield full of players during their upcoming Steam Free Weekend.

So players can expect to experience hardcore World War II First-Person Shooter combat. Available in both player versus player and cooperative game modes. With an emphasis on teamwork-style objectives and high lethality gunplay. Call in fire support, secure objectives, and push the line forward. All using more than 60 iconic WWII weapons, nine specialized player classes. As well as 33 historic units of the US Army, British Commonwealth, and German Wehrmacht. The battle is raging across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

Day of Infamy – FREE WEEKEND! [12th – 16th October 17]:

The update changes are coming to Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Seeing the games getting some further content. Hopefully we’ll have more details available for Insurgency: Sandstorm soon.

The Day of Infamy Steam Free Weekend starts at 10 a.m. PDT / 6 p.m. BST on Thursday October 12th and runs through until 10 a.m. PDT on Monday.

The Free Update includes:

  • New Tutorial Mission “Shooting Range” – Ahead of a wave of new players. New World have created a special training map set in the rural English countryside. Designed to help new players feel more comfortable with the games weapons and classes. All before they head out to the battlefield.
  • New Map “Brittany” – The French region of Brittany was the backdrop for a bloody siege weeks after the D-Day landings. Players will fight through the map’s rail-yards, bombed-out buildings and fortified bunkers. Brittany originally started as a community map based on the French town of Brest in the Brittany region. After placing 3rd in the Day of Infamy mapping contest. Our development team have worked hard with the level designers to flesh out the map. And are proud to now include it as official game content in the update.
  • Double Experience Points – To help new recruits quickly move up through the ranks we’re rewarding players with double experience points through the weekend to help them unlock any of the 30 different playable units.

“We are eager to have the opportunity for a new wave of players to discover Day of Infamy. Our indie WWII shooter is leading a revival of the genre that is often an overshadow by the big AAA franchises. Hopefully players will recognize the passion and talent of our modest team to craft a heart-pounding experience that is truly authentic.” —Andrew Spearin, Creative Director – New World Interactive

The Free Weekend

During the Free Weekend, the team at New World will be holding daily livestream events. So check out, complete with prize giveaways, special guests and the games open Q&As. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned to Day of Infamy’s Twitter and Facebook.