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Dead Age 2 and the franchise evolved

dead age 2 and the franchise evolved video for linux mac windows pc

Dead Age 2 and the franchise evolved video on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Silent Dreams. Due to release next month on Steam and GOG.

Back in 2016, Dead Age brought something new to the indie market. While combining turn based combat with survival management. Also a nonlinear story with roguelike elements such as perma-death. And all that in a sinister horror setting. Consequently the game is able to create a huge fan base on Steam. One that’s still active today getting ready for Dead Age 2.

3.5 years later Silent Dreams are coming back with the sequel. Of course this also includes many, many new features. The combat system has become even more complex and strategic. While still keeping the advantage of speed over tactical role-playing games. With the new tactical options, Dead Age 2 can definitely stand the comparison to other well known tactic roguelikes.

In this first Feature Video, this gives you a glimpse over the improvements from the first installment to the new one.

Dead Age 2 – Apocalyptic Feature #1: The Past and Present

The combined thrill of survival and exploration has been greatly improved with a large map and over 80 locations, giving it an open world feel while being very compact. The new base remains the center of events; this time completely in 3D.

There are multiple factions to fight or trade with, or you can receive quests from, where their successful completion means improved standing with the faction leaders. Dead Age 2 therefore feels much more like an RPG with numerous quests and different consequences depending on your decisions.

The developers of Silent Dreams have been working for 3.5 years to increase the quality and re-define the vision of Dead Age 2 and we’re pretty sure that players will like it as much as they liked its predecessor! 🙂

Dead Age 2 will release on PC in Steam Early Access on June the 3rd. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So you can see how the the franchise evolved first hand.
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