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Dead Age 2 party based RPG gets a release date

dead age 2 party based rpg game gets early access release date linux mac windows pc

Dead Age 2 the party based RPG game sequel gets a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Silent Dreams. Due to arrive on Steam Early Access and GOG.

Dead Age 2 is the sequel to the popular indie survival tactics game Dead Age. With a release date for Early Access via Steam and GOG for Linux and Windows PC on June 3, 2020. Even though Linux and Mac support are also missing in press release details. Despite the Steam page. We have a developer and further confirmation.

Yes, it will also include the Linux build.

The newest game in developer Silent Dreams. Dead Age 2 is part of a fan favorite franchise. While blending survival, management, and role-playing game genres. And also including elements of roguelike gameplay with turn based combat. As players battle to survive the zombie nightmare and rebuild society. Players will experience a brand new, stand alone story. Also, all new features as they once again brave a world infested with flesh eating devastation.

Dead Age 2 follows a group of determined survivors who have fled to Freedom City. While searching for a cure for the plague that triggered the zombie apocalypse ten years ago. Join them on their journey for survival as they complete quests. Scavenging valuable resources, and build up their base. And maybe live long enough to see the world at peace. Tense turn based tactical combat against gangs of looters. While facing hordes of brain devouring monsters. Which can result in death for their character — permanently. While unlocking persistent upgrades can bring hope for the future survivors. With a branching storyline and six unique endings. Every decision made counts as the player’s group must befriend other survivors. Navigating difficult choices and maybe even find romance along the way.

Dead Age 2 party based RPG Announcement (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Building on the strengths of the original Dead Age. Which currently has a “Very Positive” rating. Thanks to more than 3,000 “Positive” reviews on Steam. Players can expect improvements across the board. So things like mechanics that drew thousands of players to the franchise. Dead Age 2 introduces a new open-world for Early Access. Where players can explore unique indoor and outdoor environments. Adding exciting ways to reach over 80 locations. Including boats, trains, and other vehicles for faster travel. A new, advanced combat system will make the survivors a deadly match against enemies. And an upgradeable 3D base will provide players with the tools they need to survive and thrive. Such as a crafting room for creating helpful items. A radio station to help them locate essential supplies.

Features Include:

  • A Brave New (Open) World: A new feature for the franchise. Players can now freely explore the open world map. Limited only by walking distance as well as the number of resources. Keeping them alive until they reach one of the 80 locations. New indoor locations, including desolate hospitals, and life saving bunkers. Eerie schools and resource rich army supply stores. As well as a return to the barren wilderness. Bringing a new depth to the struggle for survival.
  • Home, Sweet Home (Base): Dead Age 2 introduces the Advanced Base Management System. Players can increase their chances of survival. Simply by assigning tasks to survivors on their team. Such as crafting essential items, building and upgrading stations. All used to improve defense and the quality of life at their base. Growing your base will unlock advanced crafting recipes. These will improve craftable items and resource yield.
  • We’re All In This Together: As the undead apocalypse progresses. While new factions of survivors spring up. The merciless Military and the devious Smugglers. Plus branches of independent civilians banding together to survive. Dead Age 2 players must visit these factions’ outposts. Take on missions and make quick decisions during events. SO you can gain their favor (or gain new enemies). Through an all new Faction Reputation System. Gaining the support of the factions will improve trade relations. All in order to purchase upgraded faction gear and unlock new endings.

Better Combat

  • Upgraded Combat: A new and improved combat system allows players to strategically place their combatants. So expect new front and back row positioning. With the ability to use up to 24 skills. Execute powerful knock back attacks in battle. Likewise, players more powerful than ever. Since you will engage deadly flesh eating zombies and other survivors hell-bent on taking their resources for themselves. Random events now appear in 3D, adding a terrifying layer to the spine-chilling battles.

Dead Age 2 party based RPG will be available for Linux and Windows PC. Releasing in Early Access via Steam and GOG. With a release date of June 3rd, 2020. So make sure to Wishlist the game on Steam

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