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Dead Age 2 releases into Early Access finally

dead age 2 releases the survival rpg in early access or linux mac windows pc finally

Dead Age 2 releases the survival RPG finally in Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Silent Dreams. Which is now available on both Steam and GOG.

Publisher Headup previously announced the delay for Dead Age 2. But now the roguelike tactics survival game is playable.
This release comes 3.5 years after the original release. Dead Age 2 releases but includes many, many new features. Since the combat system is even more complex and strategic. But still retains the advantage of speed over tactical role playing games. With these new tactical options, the game can definitely stand up to other well known tactic roguelikes.

What is also impressive about this Early Access debut. It’s a day one Linux release. Which is certainly impressive to since the game is due to be in development for 4 to 5 months. While adding 5-6 hours more gameplay. Ideally reaching a total of 12 hours.

Dead Age 2 releases onto Early Access Trailer

As Silent Dreams work to gain the highest quality even for an Early Access release. Giving more to players, after mutually deciding to postpone the Early Access. Creating the best possible game experience. The developer wants you to get your moneys worth out of development and final release.

Now the combined thrill of survival and exploration in as Dead Age 2 releases. Expect more improvements. Including a large map and over 80 locations. Giving gameplay an open world feel while being very compact. The new base remains the center of events. This time in complete 3D.

There are multiple factions to fight or trade with, or you can receive quests from. These successful missions mean improved standing with the faction leaders. Meaning, gameplay feels much more like an RPG. Including numerous quests and different consequences depending on your decisions.

Now that the Dead Age 2 releases the survival RPG finally. Priced at $16.19 USD including a 10% discout until July 23rd. The games available now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC in Early Access via Steam and GOG.

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