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Dead Age 2 roguelike zombie survival releases

dead age 2 tactical roguelike zombie survival releases in linux gaming with mac windows pc

Dead Age 2 tactical roguelike zombie survival releases in Linux gaming, with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to publisher Headup and developer Silent Dreams. Who are proud to announce the launch on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

Officially, the tactical roguelike Zombie survival Dead Age 2 is out. Which also arrives with an all new story of human survival in a world torn asunder by a terrifying zombie onslaught. Survival at its core, Dead Age 2 blends resource management and role playing. While offering elements of roguelike gameplay and turn based combat. All as you explore through a land of horrors. So that every decision made on resource management and combat engagement, ultimately leads to one of six unique endings.

New features, including an all new story, and a new free to explore open world map. Along with over 80 locations were added to the game. The base is now upgradeable in 3D. Which also releases an introduction of new vehicles. Not to mention an advanced combat system designed to satisfy your zombie smashing cravings. And continuing support in Linux gaming, Mac, plus Windows PC.

Dead Age 2 – Full Release Trailer

Building on the strengths of the original Dead Age. Which also has a “Very Positive” rating on Steam by over 3500 user reviews. Players can expect improvements across the board to the mechanics. Which is what drew thousands of players to the franchise. Dead Age 2 releases a new, open world. So that players can explore unique indoor and outdoor settings. Plus more exciting ways to reach over 80 locations. Including boats, trains, and other vehicles for faster travel. A new, advanced combat system will make the survivors a deadly match against enemies. With an upgradeable 3D base that will provide players with the tools they need to survive and thrive. Such as a crafting room for creating helpful items and a radio station. So you can help them locate essential supplies.


  • A Brave New (Open) World: A new feature for the franchise. So that players can now freely explore the open world map. this is limited only by walking distance as well as the number of resources that will keep them alive. At least until they reach one of the 80 destinations. New indoor locations, including desolate hospitals, dangerous bunkers, eerie diners, and resource rich army supply stores. As well as a return to the barren wilderness All of this brings a new depth to the struggle for survival.
  • Home, Sweet Home (Base): Dead Age 2 releases the Advanced Base Management System. Players can increase their chances of survival by assigning tasks to survivors on their team. Such as crafting essential items, building and upgrading stations used to improve defense. As well as the quality of life at their base. Growing your base will unlock advanced crafting recipes that will improve craftable items and resource yield.
  • We’re All In This Together: As the undead apocalypse progresses, new factions of survivors spring up. Like the merciless Military, the devious Smugglers, and branches of independent civilians. Who have also banded together to survive. Players must visit these factions’ outposts, take on missions and make quick decisions during events. So they can gain their favor (or gain new enemies) through an all new Faction Reputation System. Gaining the support of the factions will improve trade relations. Which allows you to purchase upgraded faction gear and unlock new endings.

What changes in combat?

  • Upgraded Combat: A new and improved combat system is available in Dead Age 2. This allows players to strategically place their combatants with new front and back row positioning. With the ability to use up to 24 skills and execute powerful knock back attacks in battle. Players are more powerful than ever as they engage deadly flesh eating zombies and other survivors. All hell-bent on taking their resources for themselves. Random events now appear in 3D, adding a terrifying layer to the spine chilling battles.

Dead Age 2 tactical roguelike zombie survival releases on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. With a regular price of $17.99 USD, €17.99 and £14.99. But also offers a 40% discount for the first week at $10.79 USD, €10.79 and £8.99. So if you don’t own the game yet, now is the time. Plus full support for Linux gaming, with Mac and Windows PC.

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