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Dead Cells gameplay and game review video

Dead Cells roguelike action platformer coming this Spring

Since Dead Cells is really a #Windows game that can be played on Linux. Hence this post should share a bit of light on things. So this review is more gameplay itself. Since it is more of a challenge to review a #Steam Early Access game. Yet most of use are still very keen to playing Windows #games with Wine. And since this is our first experience with Dead Cells. We should point out that Linux support will arrive day-one at full release.

So, let’s dig into some of the details of the game. Starting with the actually gameplay mechanics. Since responsiveness is always a factor playing a Windows title on Linux. Well, the gameplay and the mechanics are noticeably fast. The pre-release build showed some degree of lag, but the post release that we are playing does not. And while view can hear button clicking of the Steam Controller. This should give you a somewhat solid idea of how a procedural generation Windows game works.
So navigating the Dead Cells levels is both nimble and smooth. And what’s magical about the experience. Controller support is picked up instantly when the game launches. All thanks to SDL 2, which we caught after checking the games install file.

Dead Cells Gameplay and Game Review:

Since gaming is always about features in the experience. Dead Cells is very straight forward and quite easy to learn. Due to our first experience, the simplest aspects took a few minutes to master. Hence getting rekt in the first two minutes of gameplay. Yet we call that a technical issue. And since there is no tutorial or other means of learning, let’s just say there were some laughs.

So Dead Cells has players navigating the dungeons. Unlocking new weapon plans, perks and bonuses. Which as we mention, easy enough to figure out. While the roguevania can be customized to each players play style. Such as myself, I like keeping to the blood sword and the electric whip. Since I can use both of these in combination at times. Or use the next best weapon, the daggers. Since they share a similar characteristic as the electric whip. Hence able to defeat enemies at range and above and below. While customizing the perks in game to give that healthy or strength bonus. So if you find a skill or combination of perks in Dead Cells that better suite you. Hence increasing their bonuses.

Since Dead Cells plays really well for an Steam Early Access Windows game on Linux. There is not much to find issue with to be honest. Aside from not having a native build. That’s really it. Well that and you have the choice of buying from either Steam or Humble Store.
And the setup via PlayOnLinux is just typical Steam install. Then I switched out the Wine version to “1.7.53-steam_crossoverhack”. So just install the game and play. While you rest assured we will see a day one Linux release. Which will increase from the current $16.99 ‎USD.

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