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Dead Cells over 10 million copies sold!

dead cells has over 10 million copies sold for metroidvania action platformer game on linux mac windows pc

Dead Cells has over 10 million copies sold for metroidvania action platformer game for Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. The incredible success is a testament to the creative minds of developer Motion Twin. Available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Exciting news from the developer Motion Twin. They recently announced that the title has over 10 million copies sold since it first came out six years ago.

What started as an Early Access on Steam back in 2017. Later, in 2018, it was officially released on Linux.
One of the reasons Dead Cells is so successful is due to the developers working to improve it and make it even better for players. They’ve released a lot of free updates over the years. These updates added new things, like weapons and items, extra levels to explore, and new enemies to defeat. They even had special events where they brought in characters from other popular indie hits like Hotline Miami and Shovel Knight.

On top of the free updates, the developers also made some paid expansions. These expansions added even more exciting content. One of the recent expansions, “Return to Castlevania,” was a big deal due to the collaboration with Konami, the creators of the original Castlevania. That was a really cool surprise for fans!

Dead Cells – Early Access Launch Trailer

Because of all these updates and expansions, Dead Cells has won several awards. It was named Best Indie Game at the Golden Joystick Awards, Best Action title at The Game Awards, and Best Indie at the New York Awards. People love the it due to the challenges and the sheer fun of playing.

Now, the Dead Cells developers are thinking about what they can do next. They want to keep making the it better and give fans new things to enjoy. They’re trying out new ideas and looking for ways to make future updates even more exciting. It’s great to see Dead Cells with its native build grow into such a big success over the years. Now with over 10 million copies sold.

So, if you’re a fan of the metroidvania action platformer and like exploring dungeons and battling enemies, Dead Cells still keeps getting better with each update. Available on Steam, GOG (discounted 40%), and Humble Store. The regular price is $24.99 USD / £21.99 / 24,99€. Along with support for Linux, Steam Deck (verified), Mac, and Windows PC.

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