Dead Cells video reveal and new DLC coming

dead cells video reveal and new dlc coming in linux mac windows games

Dead Cells has a new video reveal plus a new DLC, coming to Linux, Mac, Windows games. While Motion Twin and Red Bull releases a new tell-all content. Since this is a no holds barred video. Showcasing an honest and raw look. Highlighting the cooperative studio. And also including a reveal for a coming DLC. Which will launch later this spring.

Motion Twin is an 18-year-old studio. Having also been previously known for casual games. Available in a free to play market. But facing potential creative boredom. Plus a fading market. The collective Began on development of a hardcore game, Dead Cells. This is a complete switch away from the studio’s history.
So for the first time on camera. The team openly discusses the decision process. And also the internal pressure involved in the development of Dead Cells. An impressive look into a game studio.

Within the 12 minute video. Fans can get a look at the first iteration of Dead Cells. which started as a “really boring” multiplayer strategy game. Forging ahead with a shift away from the initial strategy design idea. The company was left with 12 months of runway before they ran out of money.

Dead Cells new DLC, Motion Twin, video reveal

Dead Cells was released on Steam Early Access in 2017. Quickly finding an audience. Due to its unique take on the roguevania genre. As well as a design hosting more polish. Since its launch, the game has dozens of accolades. All from around the world from international critics. And is also a stunning commercial success for Motion Twin.

Coming to PAX East next month. Fans will be able to get hands on the game’s coming DLC. Which, if you see in the video, is going to be Free. Yes, a free DLC for Dead Cells. There is also Rise of the Giant. Additional Content available in the alpha branch on Steam. And it’s playable on Linux.

Therefore, if you do not own Dead Cells. The games available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. Priced at $24.99 USD. Playable on Linux, Mac and Windows.

To learn more about Dead Cells upcoming DLC release. Make sure to follow @motiontwin.

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