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Dead Link: Pages Torn available now on Steam

Dead Link: Pages Torn available now on Steam for ubuntu linux mac windows games of 2017

Dead Link: Pages Torn is available now for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. While Phime studio is proud to announce that the new hidden object adventure. Crafting with the Unity3D and Blender. The games available now on Steam for $7.99 USD.

Ellen Grace gets a call from her sister Amanda to come visit. So when Ellen arrives, she stumbles upon Amanda’s dead body. While a single page torn from Amanda’s journal is the clue. Therefore Ellen is now part of the dangerous game. Delving into the means of deception and greed of Grace Manor.

So things get complicated when she starts hearing her sister’s voice. This takes places inside the manor, calling her name. With every clue and every call for help she hears. Her mind is also being going deeper into paranoia.
So is everything as it seems in the town of Whitechurch? Will Ellen escape or will she become the victim herself?

Dead Link: Pages Torn Ubuntu and Linux Trailer:

Dead Link: Pages Torn Features:

  • Murder mystery psychological thriller
  • Over 50 locations placed in a manor in the English countryside
  • Unique mind-twisting puzzles
  • Original soundtrack

The games first impression:

Dead Link: Pages Torn looks somewhat cheesy. So that I will admit. While the gameplay style itself seems casual. Yet potential busy enough to keep even a casual gamers’ interest. Well at least that’s what the story and plot elude too.
Once again having to solve a murder mystery. Finding out what weirdness is buried within the adventure.

The games description seems a bit limiting. I was also hoping for more features. But with 50 locations and unique puzzles, I’m keen to try it out.

So Dead Link: Pages Torn is the new hidden object adventure. The games available for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows via Steam for $7.99 USD.

More information on Dead Link: Pages Torn, check out the official website.

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