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Dead Maze F2P MMO games now on Steam

dead maze f2p mmo games now on Steam for linux mac windows

Dead Maze is a story-driven cooperative MMO on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. So players can now fight, scavenge, craft, and survive the zombie apocalypse.

The end of the world begins today with the global launch of the free-to-play. Hence the zombie MMO Dead Maze on Steam. Following a successful closed beta period. Independent French developer Atelier 801 (Transformice) also opens the doors to Dead Maze. Also inviting players to join forces to reclaim a world overrun by the undead.

In Dead Maze, cooperation takes center stage. Join thousands of players working together to explore a devastated Western United States. Fight against the constant threat of the undead. While scavenge what you can to survive. Crafting crucial supplies and weapons. Ultimately, rebuild society with friends. Sort of like mixing Dying Light with Stardew Valley.

“We want to build fun multiplayer games that players around the world can enjoy together,” said Mélanie Christin, co-founder of Atelier 801. “With Dead Maze, that meant looking at how we can approach a zombie themed MMO game. One that feels fresh and new for the genre. Where cooperation is key. I believe we achieved that with Dead Maze thanks to its unique art style. Deep crafting system, and our growing community of players.”

Dead Maze: F2P MMO games trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So with the launch of Dead Maze, players can discover the destroyed world of the zombie MMO. Build their own home and craft their own supplies. Also teaming up with friends and do battle. While taking on the dozens of different types of infected. Using over 500 different items and weapons.

Dead Maze Features:

  • Cooperation is Key: Join forces with fellow survivors to explore high-risk. High-reward instances in a ravaged modern world.
  • Over 500+ Weapons: From kitchen knives to old undergarments. Nearly every item can be used as a weapon. Scavenged for valuable parts, or combined to craft useful items.
  • Hordes of Undead: The infected work together and will gather before attacking. They come in many different shapes and sizes. From violently exploding infected capable of attracting even more undead. Also bosses able to project more infected towards you.
  • Establish your Camp: Build and furnish your personal home. Plant seeds and tend to vegetable gardens. While upgrading your water collector to stay hydrated. Breeding cattle to gain access to extra food resources, such as milk.
  • Survive and Thrive: The undead aren’t the only threat. Hunger, thirst, and injuries must be managed. Ration your food and drinks, and monitor your health carefully using original survival mechanics.
  • Bloody and Beautiful: The apocalypse never looked this good! Attention to detail and vibrant color pours through every pixel of Dead Maze’s handcrafted zones, as players explore bombed out malls and military facilities from a 2D isometric perspective.
  • An Unforgettable Story: Experience a compelling story and campaign spanning a fictionalized version of the Western United States. Over 22 major longform quests will find players traveling from the suburbs of Sacramento to the beaches of Bodega Bay.
  • More to Come: Atelier 801 has plans to continue supporting Dead Maze post-launch with new and exciting content from additional story-driven campaign quests to the upcoming map editor, which allows players to create and share their own adventures – and share them with the community.

Now on Steam F2P games:

So for more information on Dead Maze. Follow the game on Twitter or like it on Facebook. Or just skip all of that, jump into some (F2P) free to play gameplay now via Steam for Linux and also Mac & Windows.

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