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Deadly Curse violent gory action hits this week

deadly curse violent gory action hits friday linux mac windows

Deadly Curse is a violent gory action is coming this week for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Which places you in a metal hospital where doctors are experimenting on patients unlike never before. I mean why not right?

The adventure of Deadly Curse starts 60 years after this event. Since you take the role of a researcher lost in the jungle. Who somehow finds himself in the barren cursed hospital.

So naturally you have to explore the hospital. Working to find the 10 pictures taken by the maid 60 years ago. You will also need to find the key within those pictures.

Since the hospital is cursed, you will come across ghosts and enemies. But you don’t have a weapon. So avoiding any dangerous situations is your only defense.

Deadly Curse violent gory action Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

There are some cheesy elements with the trailer. What has my attention, players will have to make sure your heart rate does not go over 160 or you die.
Therefore finding a way to eliminate enemies early will keep you safe. Since you are only equipped with an emergency kit and a battery. Sort of Amnesia: The Dark Descent style of avoiding enemies. But you also have to mind that heart rate.

Deadly Curse will have players working though crazy situations. Pushing you through the haunted hospital. While trying to uncover what experiments took place 60 years ago.


  • Use an emergency kit in order to decrease the heart rate.
  • Your flashlight is needed if you want to explore the hospital in safety
    Batteries are needed for your flashlight, otherwise you will have to explore in darkness.

Deadly Curse brings the violent gory action to Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. No official launch price, but I expect somewhere around $15-$20 USD.

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