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Death Becomes You murder mystery gets a release

death becomes you murder mystery game gets a release for linux mac windows pc

Death Becomes You murder mystery game gets a release for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Quill Game Studios. Due to make its way onto Steam soon.

Quill Game Studios, an indie developer specializing in Visual Novel stories. As well as games set in mysterious and intriguing worlds, announce the November 9th release date. Due to bring you Death Becomes You, a suspenseful murder mystery game. Here your best friend at the magical university has been murdered. Someone is also trying to pin the killing on YOU.

Death Becomes You is a compelling murder mystery taking place at the Ira Academy. Due to only accepting the most talented of magic users as students. Your loyal friend Lyra has been murdered and it is your task to figure out whodunnit. The 4 students at the scene of the crime accuse you of committing the murder of your best friend. So you must search the whereabouts and motive of each of the four students. Also pick apart their alibi to clear your name and claim your virtue. Can you untangle the dark secrets of your fellow students? Who is telling the truth in Death Becomes You and who is hiding behind a curtain of lies and fraud?

Death Becomes You – Trailer

Death Becomes You features secretive characters with complex motives. As well as an interpersonal history. Meet and befriend Daniella, Apolline, Alice, and Sophie. Since they are all claiming their innocence behind a veil of drama. Experience more than 10+ surprising endings. All while you unravel the lies of each on your quest to clear your name. Digging deeper into the complicated life of Lyra, who might have deep secrets of her own…

If you want to get a taste of Death Becomes You gameplay, check out the Demo on Steam. Which includes support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.


  • 4 Unique Character Arcs
  • 10+ Surprising Endings
  • Replayability, Multiple Routes To The Truth
  • Chamber Ensemble Composed By Jeffrey Clements

Death Becomes You murder mystery game is due to release on November 9th via Steam. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game.

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