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Death in Candlewood FPS horror game comes to life from failed Kickstarter


After the Death in Candlewood Kickstarter failed to get off the ground, the #team at #RosebudGames took the situation into their own hands and elected not to give up. And the #project has already been vote by the community on Greenlight.

As an alternative, the team kicked off with a slightly less ambitious title, set in the same universe as its original project – House of Caravan.

Described as “Gone Home with a classic horror story and environmental puzzles”, it tells the story of a young man named Lester Barnard who awakens in a spooky mansion with only vague memories of being kidnapped.

By exploring the mansion, you will not only hopefully lead Barnard to freedom but explore its mysteries by uncovering hidden lore and secrets.

Key Features

  • Top-notch visuals and performance immersing the player in a psychological horror FPS influenced by Edgar Allan Poe and classic horror films
  • 20+ melee and ranged weaponry from bare fists to Maschinengewehr 42s and tranquilizer pistols
  • Lush environments and unique settings, from 6km² of shadowy mountain ranges to 4km² and over 1,000 buildings in the town of Candlewood, which can be walked, stalked, driven or swum through
  • Innovative genre with mainly FPS mechanics plus role playing customisation, stealth elements and third person POV for driving a range of vehicles
  • Buy and upgrade your ammunition, health, equipment and weapons
  • Citizens of Candlewood and characters you encounter throughout the game each have branching, reactive dialogue and randomised events
  • Range of animal, human and monstrous enemies, each wielding unique weapons
  • Reactive and intelligent AI so foes and NPCs respond realistically to any situation
  • Combat system incorporating line-of-sight and noise sensor mechanics
  • Slow-motion cinematic dodge manoeuvres for close range melee combat

From what we know right now, Death In Candlewood will be released sometime in late spring for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.





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