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Death or Glory card battler aims at Proton

death or glory roguelike card battler game to support linux unofficially with windows pc via proton

Death or Glory roguelike card battler game to support Linux unofficially with Windows PC via Proton. Thanks to Distilled Gaming Company for providing more details. Due to makes its way onto Steam.

Distilled Gaming Company, a group of six indie developers, has just revealed their newest project, Death or Glory. This isn’t just another card battler; it’s a unique fusion of deck-building and fighting mechanics. Due to transform how we think about card duels.

The Death or Glory Basics:

  • Unique Turn System: Almost every move your opponent makes, you have a chance to react. Maybe you dodge. Perhaps you block. It all depends on the speed of your move. It’s a bit like a live action fighting scene. Since every move you make can have outcomes, and the quickest reflex wins.
  • Resource Management: Your success hinges on how well you manage your stamina, champion abilities, and the cards you hold.

The World & Modes:

Venture into fantasy realms and battle against computer-controlled opponents. Doing so in a style similar to popular roguelike deckbuilders like “Slay the Spire.” As you explore different Death or Glory maps, you’ll constantly refine and adapt your strategy.

But if head to head battles are more your thing, take on other players in high-stakes duels. Similar to the familiar card battler, “Hearthstone.” No matter the Death or Glory mode, you’re always earning experience, unlocking new items for both solo and multiplayer matches.

Death or Glory Multiplayer Open Beta Trailer

Classes & Mechanics:

Now, the real fun begins with the champions of Death or Glory. Each champion belongs to one of five distinct classes. Such as controlling a giant mech, where every move you make could cause it to overheat. Or, put yourself in the shoes of a werewolf, feeling the surge of rage and using it to rip into your opponents. Each class feels different, and each requires a unique strategy.

What Else to Expect?

  • Classes & Resources: Each Death or Glory class has a different resource system. For instance, magic users accumulate Mana, while monsters tap into their power.
  • Character-Specific Cards: Depending on your character, you’ll have access to cards that perfectly suit their style. A ninja might have swift, stealthy moves, while a giant delivers heavy blows.
  • Turn Control: This is a dance, and both players share the floor. If you counter your opponent’s move, you’ll grab the spotlight and dictate the flow of the duel.
  • Adventure Choices: During Death or Glory solo adventures, the choices you make shape the path you take. Rewards vary, and every choice influences your champion’s evolution.
  • Competitive Matches: Challenge friends to see who reigns supreme. And for those looking for fame, there’s a ladder to climb, promising rewards for each victory.
  • Progress & Unlockables: As you play, your champions level up. This lets you access fresh cards, aesthetic upgrades, and powerful abilities.

Lastly, here’s some timely info: Death or Glory will be available for free with options to buy cosmetic upgrades, launching on Steam soon. The game is created in GameMaker Studio 2. Due to offering Linux support via Proton. The developers point out, “people even say the performance has improved.” As a result, they are “not officially supporting Linux.” But GameMaker Studio 2 games usually do run better via Proton.

However, the Death or Glory developer is offering an open beta soon, and if you join in, you can get a special Redeye skin. Starting from Friday, September 1st until Monday, September 4th on Steam. But anything you achieve during this beta won’t transition into the full version.

Death or Glory in a nutshell, the card battler is aims at anyone looking for an edge of your seat dueling game, playable on Linux via Proton.

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