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Death or Treat action rogulite to hit Linux

death or treat action roguelite game may be due to hit linux and windows pc but has a demo

Death or Treat action roguelite game may be due to hit Linux and Windows PC but has a Demo. According to further details thanks to the faculties of developer Saona Studios. Due to makes its way onto Steam soon.

Saona Studios is eager to announce the fast-paced, 2D action roguelite, hack and slash game Death or Treat. While you take on the role of Scary. While you defend HallowTown from regular and corporate ghouls and save Halloween.

We will try to build it

According the comment on Steam, the developer is going to try a Linux build.
For those in the know, Death or Treat is being developed with Unity 3D. So a native Linux port should not be too much of an issue.

Working with traditional illustrators to create beautiful, ‘Halloween’ inspired hand painted settings. There are some very detailed animations. HallowTown looks stunning with each location having its own unique look and vibe. Check out the trailer.

Death or Treat: Teaser Trailer Official

In Death or Treat you will find a huge world with lots of rooms. Explore new maps in every run while you try to survive the hordes of enemies. It’s not an easy task, every world is even more tricky than the other. Starting with Darkchat, the Storyum lab, Riptok, the most used app sede, Deviltube. The last but not least FaceBoo!, the ultimate epic frontier.

Death or Treat is a stunning looking game that has so much detail and depth to the gameplay. Check out the lengthy Demo via Proton with Double Jump and Dash right from the start. You are thrown straight into a frantic adventure. While fighting multiple enemies right from the off. Fans of games like Hollow Knight and Ori and the Blind Forest are going to love this.
Also, note, the intro video at the beginning of the Demo does not work on Proton. Skip it and you’re good to go.

Death or Treat action roguelite game is due to release later this Spring. Due to making its way onto Linux and Windows PC. We have more details coming from the developer. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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