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Death Skid Marks coming to Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Death Skid Marks, a trashy, hard as hell roguelike, #carcombat game #developed for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Recently approved on Steam Greenlight by the community and will arrive in Q4 2014, Whisky Tango announced.

The game has finally passed on Steam GreenLight. This is because of you all that trusted us to deliver an awesome game and pressed this little YES button. To you all a big thank you. A big thank you also goes to everybody who played the game and made it visible. AGAIN a special thanks to the Let’s Play Po-Russki channel and its followers who are largely responsible for the big flood of approbations for the game.

In Death Skid Marks, the player incarnates a deadbeat called Mark Skid and picks up hitchhikers on the road while battling road gangs through random levels of increasing difficulty. As the game progresses, he upgrades his crew and ride to survive this hellish 666 km trip.


  • Drive 666 KMs to the ultimate concert.
  • Unique blend of top-down arcade action, RPGs and rogue-likes
  • Trashy humor and art.
  • Original metal/rock/punk soundtrack.
  • Battle charming people in crappy cars such as inbreds and intolerant fanatics.
  • Arm yourself with high tech weaponry such as pistols, bricks and chainsaws.
  • A full run that lasts around 1H30, replay often but die often.
  • Completely random levels, infinite replay value.
  • 30 achievements that all unlock new content.
  • 32 vehicles to drive.
  • Over 70 different items to buy.
  • Choose how you earn money with tasks.
  • Gambling mini-games.
  • 16 hitchhikers.
  • 11 bosses and around 50 different enemy types (not counting variations).
  • Meet friendly but misunderstood bosses who will probably kill you often. To make this even better, there are more bosses than room for them in each runs, so you won’t be able to predict what charming friend awaits.
  • Upgrade your ride to outdrive your foes and get wasted on drugs to upgrade your stats!
  • Four different endings.
  • Total lack of zombies and chiptune sound samples!
  • You will die often.


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