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Death Trash a Fallout-like post-apocalyptic RPG

death trash a post-apocalyptic rpg like fallout for linux mac windows gaming

Death Trash is a modern post-apocalyptic RPG in development for Linux, Mac and Windows. Taking inspiration from RPG classic Ultima 7. Including a strong focus on a living world. Including influence from the narrative heavy Planescape: Torment.

The game design focuses on action elements and a strong narrative. While using real-time combat, dialogue and item crafting.
Letting the player be part of this growing fictional world. Only showing a few things yet explaining some of them. With just a hint of what lies beyond.
So the art, narrative, dialogue, descriptions and all be part of this unique design. While the player is tasked with surviving the post-apocalyptic world. Including some seriously larger-than-life beasts.

Since Death Trash is still in development. We have some video of a playable prototype.

Death Trash Early Prototype (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Death Trash Features

  • A post-apocalyptic world with punks, science fiction, large flesh beasts, the grotesque, sexual references and trash-talking unlike anything seen before
  • Colorful and noisy pixelart style developed for this game
  • Thick atmosphere, rich dialogue and a diverse set of characters
  • Any NPC can be killed
  • Empowering the player by building on imagination, freedom and choices (also see the Death Trash Manifest.
  • Dialogue System that doesn’t pause the game and allows canceling anytime
  • World simulation through realtime situations: combat, dialogue, item crafting, npc behaviors
  • Use psi powers in and out of combat
  • Built with modern PC gaming in mind, supporting both mouse and gamepad controls
  • Local Co-op where your partner can drop in and out anytime

Stephan Hövelbrinks, the creator of Death Trash started experimented with pixel art the summer of 2015. Doing so from an isometric perspective, stumbling upon a post-apocalyptic world. Something that is similar to Fallout.

So the days that followed saw the addition of grotesque beasts and a science fiction theme. Which also includes some trash talking. So this along with determination, the world of Death Trash.

Steam and GOG gaming?

Death Trash is still in development. So don’t expect to see a Steam page yet. GOG gaming has a Wishlist page and there is also an Itch page listing. While the official release is coming, “when it’s done”.
So more details are coming. Stay tuned.

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