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Deathmatch only for Unreal Tournament launch

Epic has released a collection of #conceptart for the next Unreal Tournament game, while discussing the project in detail in a new #podcast.

The most pertinent bit of information revealed in the podcast is that Unreal Tournament will launch with Deathmatch mode only. Other modes, like capture the flag and onslaught, will be added later.

This is because the new Unreal Tournament isn’t being developed in the traditional behind-closed-doors all-or-nothing way; as detailed in May, a small group of series veterans has kicked off work on Unreal Tournament and intends to share the game’s code and assets freely with the Unreal Engine development community.

The shooter will be totally free, with no DLC or microtransactions, support mods, and come to Linux and Mac as well as PC. A marketplace will allow creators to sell – or just give away – their UT content.

Click through to the Unreal Tournament development blog to see the art at full resolution.

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