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Decimated survival likely to get a native build

decimated 3rd person survival likely to get a linux build with windows pc

Decimated 3rd person survival likely to get a Linux build with Windows PC. According to details revealed by developer Fracture Labs. Which is also listed on Steam for all to Wishlist.

Game developer Fracture Labs is releasing a free demo for Decimated soon. The game is a 3rd person survival RPG game. One where players can choose to play a variety of roles as a human or cyborg. Since you can fight against or team up with other players. Then search for loot, transport cargo, or VIP’s to other locations. Maybe collect legal or illegal resources for trade. You will also hunt legendary creatures, capture territory, and build safe houses for your gang.

The Decimated certainly has my attention. Needless to say, there are plans to expand platform support. All due to a recent email from Fracture Labs explaining further plans for the game.

We will most likely create a Linux version.

Game development is using Unreal Engine 5, making a Linux port very realistic. But currently, Decimated is still in pre-alpha, and has a lot more work to go. Everything you see so far is a placeholder to be improved as development continues. The team’s vision for the game is a cyberpunk multiplayer online RPG game with survival elements. Visually inspired by Bladerunner, Robocop (Paul Verhoeven), and Wes Ball’s short film RUIN. Check out the trailer below.

Decimated Trailer

The Decimated pre-alpha demo will include the multiplayer 3rd person combat. Along with 3 classes with special abilities, grenades, jetpacks, hover/land vehicles and AI. And due to arrive on Steam soon (Windows PC).


  • Salvage resources
  • Technology and digital currency
  • Repair vehicles, build bases, fortify shelters
  • Hunt, ambush, loot, and trade
  • Multiplayer 3rd person combat
  • 3 classes with special abilities
  • Grenades, jetpacks, hover/land vehicles & AI.

The studio was founded in 2018 as well as being self funded for many years. At least until late 2021, when the team finally raised $4.5M to develop the alpha version.

Decimated looks like it will be a solid 3rd person survival game. With plans for Linux as well as Windows PC. Gearing up for a Steam Early Access release in 2023. So be sure to Wishlist the game.

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