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Deck of Souls is souls-like deck-building

deck of souls is a souls-like deck-building game for both linux and windows pc

Deck of Souls is a souls-like deck-building game for both Linux and Windows PC. Bigboot Studios showcases an amazing level of creativity that entices and developers and players alike. Due to make its way onto Steam later this year.

Introducing Deck of Souls, an awesome new title. It’s a mix of two popular genres in a souls-like deck-building game. This is all about creating powerful decks of cards and battling dark enemies in a mystical world. If you’re into strategy and action, this is perfect for you.

In Deck of Souls, you play as a mighty hero due to defeat the evil creatures that roam the land. But here’s the twist: when you defeat these enemies, you can actually take their souls and turn them into new cards for your deck. These cards also have special powers and abilities that can help you in your battles. So the more enemies you defeat, the stronger your deck becomes.

Before you start your epic journey, you get to choose your hero’s class. There are different classes to pick from, each with its own unique abilities. You can be a powerful warrior, a sneaky rogue, or even a wise mage. It’s up to you to decide which class suits your play style best.

Deck of Souls — Reveal Trailer

Not only can you choose your hero’s class, but you can also customize their appearance. You get to pick the perfect outfit for your hero, getting them ready for action.

As you explore the Deck of Souls is a card-driven souls-like adventure that combines the strategy of deck building with the thrilling action of battling powerful enemies. It’s a title that tests your tactical skills and lets you create unstoppable decks to conquer evil. So get ready to embark on an epic journey, defeat fearsome foes, and become the ultimate hero in Deck of Souls.

If you’re interested in playing this amazing souls-like deck-building game, you can Wishlist it on Steam. Due to make its way onto Linux and Windows PC in Q2 2023. Have fun and may your Deck of Souls be full of powerful cards!

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