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Deep Sky Derelicts has a day one launch date

deep sky derelicts has a day one launch date

Deep Sky Derelicts will launch with day one Linux support and we have the launch date. Also coming in less than two weeks.So we will finally be able to visit the fabled Mothership and complete the story on September 24th, 11 am CEST.

Deep Sky Derelicts also has new music and sound effects. Along with final game balancing, final UI overhaul, added localization, adding Steam achievements and more.

Since the Early Access release was only available for Windows. Playing the Linux release is a marked improvement. Since Snowhound Games are living up to the day one expectation.

Deep Sky Derelicts Early Access Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Deep Sky Derelicts will bring players into the burdensome life of a society outcast. A scavenger trying to make a living. While aspiring for a better life of a full-fledged citizen. Players will be exploring derelict alien ships, fight, loot, hire mercenaries into their team. And also buy new weapons and upgrade their gear.

Deep Sky Derelicts retro-futuristic comic book aesthetic style creates a distinctive dark atmosphere of deep space, unknown locations and lost dystopian society. Rogue-like elements featuring such popular mechanics as procedurally-generated dungeons. Which also includes turn-based combat with card-based actions. And lethal threat lurking around every corner, of course.
This also draws the players into an unforgiving, yet fascinating world with its own unique lore.

Gameplay will have players hiring and controlling a squad of up to three mercenary characters. All taking place on derelict ships within your reach from the scavenger’s base. Searching the derelicts for loot and clues, you come across many friendly inhabitants. Also traders, but more often – various enemies.

So you will have to challenge and defeat enemies in tactical turn-based fights. Wwhere randomly-drawn cards form your changing arsenal of combat actions. But you can also gain experience for yourself and your crew. Then loot dead bodies, resupply and upgrade once back at your base.
The scavenger’s home ship gives you the opportunity to heal and level-up your mercenaries. While recruiting new mercs, equip them, upgrade their gear or recharge energy for life support during missions.

Day One launch date:

Since Deep Sky Derelicts will have day one launch date support for Linux, including Mac and Windows. Also available right now for $15.99 USD on Steam and GOG with the full release on September 24th, 11 am CEST. The price will also increase to $19.99 USD / EURO, but there will be a launch week discount.

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