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Deep Threat adds to journey in Wall World

deep threat new dlc adds to wall world the proton tower defense game for steam deck and linux via windows pc

Deep Threat new DLC adds to Wall World, the Proton powered tower defense game for Steam Deck and Linux via Windows PC. Alawar Premium poured some solid effort into creating this masterpiece. Available on both Steam and GOG. With it’s 91% Very Positive reviews.

There is a new expansion for Wall World, Deep Threat. It’s also an exhilarating journey worth diving into. While venturing through the depths of this colossal, ever-changing Wall. It’s not just a random bunch of rocks and caves. Since it’s full of mysteries, dangerous creatures, and some high-tech gear really level up your adventure. While danger lurks in every corner.

With Deep Threat, there’s a whole new layer added to the game. The biomes, each offer their own set of challenges and breathtaking visuals. Imagine switching from a frosty cavern to a fiery underground, all while gearing up with new tools and toys. There are also two epic new weapons to try out.

In some adventures, the more you play, the stronger you get. That’s the vibe here. Deep Threat brings in eight meta upgrades. These are big power-ups, boosting everything from your speed to your techy abilities.

Deep Threat DLC – Launch Trailer

Now Deep Threat brings in five new enemy types and they are eager to get in your way. But there is also a brand new boss – a Robospider. A mechanical, eight-legged menace, with its own story. Which also means more lore to unravel.

Remember the Leviathan boss, it’s back and now with even crazier moves to test your skill.

Here’s the kicker: this expansion alone is due to keep you entertained for over 8 hours. Combined with the original journey. We’re talking about 20 hours of non-stop action.

Bottom line, Wall World offers more adventure with Deep Threat. A wild ride worth every penny and every second. Dive in, uncover secrets, and take on those monstrous challenges. The base game is available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. Priced at only $6.99 USD / £5.89 / 6,89€. Which is also Steam Deck Verified, playable on Linux via Proton with Windows PC.

Budget-wise, the new DLC is a steal. You can get a bundle with some solid tunes thrown in. If you’re just eyeing the new content, the price is $2.69 USD / £2.24 / 2,69€, including the 10% discount. Available on both Steam and GOG.

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