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Defend the Highlands World Tour gets Co-Op

defend the highlands world tour gets co-op in linux mac windows games

A challenging question for all of the #games Scots. Yet what could be more fun than guzzling whisky? Throwing porridge and blowing up haggis? #DefendtheHighlandsWorldTour is all about that on Linux, Mac, #Windows. So the answer of course guzzling whisky. While throwing porridge and blowing up haggis with friends on Steam.

So the Co-Op multiplayer update is the first of many significant updates. All planned for Defend the Highlands World Tour. Therefore co-Op multiplayer will work in much the same way as a regular skirmish games. The only difference is that there will be Scotsmen from two different clans. Since they will be taking the field together, represented by two different tartan colour schemes.
Therefore the two clans will share their porridge stockpile and money. While independently controlling their troops. Using the chat window, players can discuss and plan strategies. This would make William Wallace proud.

Following on from the highly successful Defend the Highlands. Defend the Highlands World Tour combines the genres of Tower Defence, Real Time Strategy and Scotland. Build defences, recruit from the best highland clans, manage their porridge stockpile. While protecting Scots from around the world.

Defend the Highlands World Tour Features:

  • Fight 24 zany enemies, from gun-toting Rednecks to Kangaroo Riding Aussie Shielas in bikinis.
  • Face down 6 evil bosses, including Napoleon, Mussolini and Oda Nobunaga.
  • Build 12 types of towers, from the traditional Scottish Porridge Cannon, to the foreign French Fondue Hose.
  • Command 7 hero characters, including Alfredo, and foreign heroes such as Julius Caesar and Buddha.
  • Fight through the 24 level campaign, or stage your ultimate battle in skirmish mode.
  • Operate the Kilt-Lift-O-Matic. Which provides a strong updraft for Scotsmen to descend from the Bagpipe Airship. Using their kilts as parachutes.
  • Capture and hold oat fields to produce porridge to feed your army.
  • Purchase upgrades for your Scotsmen and towers using money earned during levels.

Defend the Highlands World Tour was a singleplayer game. Yet now co-op. So Linux, Mac and Windows gamers can get a 25% discount until August 2nd on Steam.

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