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Defend the keep native build and the release

defend the keep linux build and the games release for windows pc

Defend the keep looks like it will have a Linux build beside the games Windows PC release. Thanks to the continuing effort of Vanille Games. Along with the coming release on Steam and

Since it looks like we will indeed have a day one release. Vanille Games continue to test the Linux build. So far so good.

Defend the keep seems to be working as expected on highest settings. I didn’t catch any other Linux specific bugs.”

So a couple of good things here. The game native Linux build is now on Steam. And as Vanille Games continue to test. There does not seem to be any bugs.
Having a chance to also play the Linux build myself. The graphics are sharp but very vivid for a cartoon’ish art style. And the gameplay also continues to be very smooth.
Therefore, good news all around for the release. Which is coming on July 16th. Besides good news regarding support. Let’s move on to the game itself.

Defend the keep is a fast paced mix. Both of defensive action and strategy. You have to build walls, towers and place traps to make sure the keep is standing. While you blast fireballs. Creating lightning storms. Then splash poison on the ground to keep the attackers at bay.

You will also discover new creatures and challenging battles. Since defence progresses through forest, mountains, dungeons and fields. While you figure out what turned the local hogs hostile. What’s causing havoc on your towns.

Defend The Keep Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Defend the keep is all about you being the keep master. Defend the helpless villages against waves of hogs, ogres and Imian insects. Use the keep tower’s destructive fireballs. And the crazy lightning storms and poison to blast your enemies. But make sure to do so before they wreak havoc on your village. All in a singleplayer campaign, where you’re the shooter.

Upgrade your abilities and buildings:

  • 9 Ability upgrades to choose from in every level
  • 12 persistent building upgrades with 3 tiers. Respec any time you want!
  • Expanding notebook with information about your abilities, enemies and locations
  • Real time world map in Defend The Keep. Including over 20 levels
  • Test your skills in time mode. Earn extra upgrade crystals. The game speed keeps accelerating, so think fast.
  • Three difficulty levels and an endless new game – difficulty.

Defend The Keep will release on July 16th. Priced at $7.99 USD / €6.99 on Steam and Available for both Linux and Windows PC.

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