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Defend The Keep new action strategy launches

defend the keep new action strategy launches in linux and windows pc games

Defend The Keep the new fast paced action strategy launches in Linux and Windows PC games. Thanks to developer Vanille Games. Available now on Humble Store, Steam and

Defend The Keep is an action strategy with with fireballs and towers. Since you defend your villages against waves of hogs, ogres and insects. It’s up to you to be the boss and take them down.

Vanille Games also wants to extend a thank you:

The Linux gaming community turned out to be very interested and supportive. I’m so glad I got the port done in time.

Not that this was much of a surprise. Linux support actually happened behind the scenes. Which was a smooth process overall.

So take control of the keep tower and blast. Shooting electrocute and poison. While you fend off waves of enemies. Defending your honourable villages.
Defend the keep takes the you through varied settings. Ranging from forests, fields and mountains. While you push against a wave after a wave of creatures. Blasting enemies and building towers. And the game has over 20 levels. While you can figure out what’s behind the sudden attacks.

Defend The Keep Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Become the keep master and defend the helpless in Defend the keep. Since you have the use of the keep tower’s defences. Such as fireballs, lightning storms and poison. So you can blast your enemies. Get them before they wreak havoc on your village.
One of games key features, building towers. Also set traps and build walls. Anything to help you on your mission.

You will also discover new creatures. Since you will face challenging battles. While your defense progresses through different settings. These range from forest, mountains and fields. This also means Defend The Keep has dungeons too. Find out what turned the local hogs hostile and is causing all the attacks.

Upgrade your abilities and buildings

  • 9 Ability upgrades to choose from in every level
  • 12 persistent building upgrades with 3 tiers. Respec any time you want!
  • Expanding notebook with information about your abilities, enemies and locations
  • Real time world map in Defend the keep. With over 20 levels
  • Test your skills in time mode and earn extra upgrade crystals. The game speed keeps accelerating, think fast!
  • Three difficulty levels and an endless new game – difficulty.

Defend the keep action strategy launches now. Priced at $7.99 USD. Available on Humble Store, Steam and

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