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Defense Grid 2 will be coming to Linux

A couple of days ago, after confirmation with Hidden Path, Linux Game News tweeted a quick message about Defense Grid 2 coming to Linux.
This was a bit of a concern for us, having pledged the Kickstarter campaign in hopes to see native platform support fairly soon. The outcome was not quite as well received as Hidden Path had hoped. The $1M mark they were projecting for Linux support was never reached, leaving the project to rest at $271,726, just over their first tier mark.

That being said, efforts are currently under way to bring the promised Defense Grid: Containment DLC Beta to a final build (only on Windows).
The Hidden Path team still have high hopes and expectations to bring Defense Grid 2 to life.
In fact, CEO Jeff Pobst even gave a keynote speech at PAX Dev in Seattle this August, explaining their experiences in raising money, hoping to make a sequel to the well renowned Defense Grid. Filled with data and statistics from the Kickstarter campgain, this is a must-watch for Defense Grid fans, game industry veterans, and anyone thinking about doing a Kickstarter campaign in 2013.


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