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Deflection chess with lasers releases

deflection chess with lasers puzzle game releases for both linux and windows pc

Deflection chess with lasers puzzle game releases for both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Coreffect Interactive. Which is coming in with solid Positive reviews on Steam.

Coreffect Interactive releases its first title: Deflection. Which is basically Chess with Lasers. While it may look like a puzzle game, it is, however, a player versus player mind bending game. So just like chess, where the main goal of a match is to destroy enemy pieces and the rival King. But now you have to bounce your laser off mirrors. All while going through portals and activating other pieces.

With a variety of pieces in Deflection. Since each has different advantages, abilities, and weaknesses. Use the one move you are allowed per turn to use strategy and bring yourself closer to victory. At the end of every turn, you must shoot your laser. So be careful not to hit one of your own pieces.

Some Deflection pieces can even be controlled by both players. Which also adds another layer of fun and strategy.

​Take advantage of pieces with abilities like:

  • The Disruptor, which, when activated by the laser. Due to disable and weaken nearby pieces, rendering them useless.
  • The Tesla Tower can eliminate a random nearby piece with an electric beam. This is regardless of its color.
  • The Spike, which, when shot from any side, will shoot four lasers in all directions before destroying itself.

LASER CHESS: Deflection – Full Trailer

These are just a few examples of Deflection, some pieces even block the laser!


  • Local and Online Multiplayer.
  • Singleplayer: Play versus AI.
  • Level Editor (play maps you create in all game modes)
  • Tutorial mode which goes through rules and tactics.
  • [Replay mode (go through and analyze the moves and laser shots you and your opponent made after a game.
  • All Deflection games can also be played in Competitive/Timed Mode!
  • A lot of scenarios/maps designed to challenge you, some having unique pieces only available in them.
  • Many different pieces with advantages, downsides, abilities and more.
  • 3D Camera with full control, with cutscenes during kills, activations etc.
  • Steam Achievements and stats.

Deflection chess with lasers puzzle game is available on Steam. But releases with support for Linux and Windows PC. All priced at $7.19 USD with the 20% discount until September 21st.