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Degauss twin-stick shooter releases on Steam

degauss twin-stick shooter releases on steam in linux mac windows games 2017

Indie game studio FrozenCrate releases their first game. The retro arcade-style games called Degauss. The game releases on Steam for Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows.

Degauss is an electrifying retro arcade twin-stick shooter. Also taking inspiration from many classic games of old. So gameply focuses on solid mechanics and fluid controls. Granting players a fair and yet exciting challenge. It also offers variety and flexibility through different weapons and gamemodes. While allowing players to build their own unique playstyle.

Degauss features minimalist graphics and simple gameplay mechanics. Hence the quarter-driven arcade era of the 80’s. And sets the tone with a fitting synthwave electronic soundtrack. The pitch black backgrounds are offset by bright glowing geometries. These light up the play area, darting from one edge of the screen to the other. Also causing a “Game Over” if the player doesn’t move out of their path.
So the player has to choose a weapon at the beginning of the game. Destroying enemies in a satisfying shower of pixels, and collects upgrades. These upgrades better the chances of survival against the increasing swarms of enemies.

Degauss Release Trailer/Gameplay:

Like many arcade games of the past. Players focus on getting the highest score possible against randomly generated enemies. Other game modes are offered. Such as the race mode, where players try to reach 1,000,000 points as quickly as possible. The game collects highscores from players around the globe. Allowing everyone to compete for the top scores on a world-wide scale.

Degauss Features:

  • Bright retro graphics and effects
  • Eighty’s-inspired synthwave electronic soundtrack
  • Arcade and rogue-like gameplay elements
  • Solid gamepad and keyboard control schemes
  • Multiple game modes for maximum replayability
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and SteamOS

Degauss is a simple game that also has a nuanced powerup. Also a score multiplier system, which allows skilled gamers to test and hone different strategies and techniques. Combining a multitude of weapons and game modes. Degauss offers both fun and challenge for everyone.

Degauss is available on Steam now for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also discounted 10% until November 10th.

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