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Deluded Mind horror adventure disappointment

deluded mind horror adventure disappointment for linux gaming

Deluded Mind is a horror adventure coming to Windows, but what about Linux? Well we reached out to German developer Pyxton Studios for details. What followed is quite surprising.

Do you feel up for a little psycho-horror? Well Deluded Mind will be available on Steam for Windows this Friday, June 15, 2018. But do not expect Linux support for the game.

What happened to Linux?

“Unfortunately, we were not able to create a Linux build for Deluded Mind due to technical reasons.
We’re working with a very old version of the Unreal Engine that we’ve modified. Upgrading the project is not possible, at least not without correcting thousands of errors.”

So this is something similar to what happened with Subnautica. That games built in Unity 3D, but so heavily modified that native support would not be possible.

Pyxton Studios on future Linux support, “the latest versions of the Unreal Engine 4 do not have this problem. So it’s not a problem for our next games to distribute for Linux.”

Since you’re here, this is the story behind Deluded Mind gameplay. You take on the role of FBI agent Dean Catrall, who gets knocked out. Then he regains consciousness in a mental hospital. At this point it becomes clear that something is wrong. Since the FBI agent is under the influence of a strong hallucinogen.

So your job is to find your FBI partner and escape from the mental hospital together. However, this task puts your mind to the test.

Deluded Mind Horror Adventure Release Trailer (Windows, no Linux)

Besides the detailed graphics and the oppressive atmosphere. Deluded Mind offers another special feature – randomly generated events. While the storyline remains the same. Individual events trigger differently for each play through. Which is what caught my attention.

So if you want to get wild and crazy and make the Linux attempt via Wine. Deluded Mind will be available on Steam this Friday, June 15, 2018.

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