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Democracy 4 plans change for Early Access

democracy 4 plans change for early access on linux and windows pc

Democracy 4 plans change for Early Access on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to recent news from developer Positech Games. Who now has a release date for the Steam release.

Democracy 4 is releasing in Early Access on October 6th. While presenting current political simulation unlike any other game. While offering room for growth in literacy of the subject. Explore the governments of USA, UK, Germany, and France. Which is coming in the initial Early Access release (with more countries to come). So you take on the role of president/prime minister. Starting after you win an election and picking up the duties from where the last leader left off. You (and your political party) must appeal to the public while also pushing change forward in Democracy 4. All in the eyes of how you’d like to see the country moving forward. While keeping re-election in mind.

Linux Support:

We are definitely windows only at the time being. And likely for most of early access. There has not been a final decision yet on when or whether we port to other platforms yet.

Since plans have changed. There was a plan for a Linux build at release. Clearly, this will not take place during Early Access. And since Democracy 4 development uses a custom game engine. This obviously means we have to wait for a full release, due to take place in 2021. Also depending on player feedback and the games overall progress. After that, hopefully, Positech Games will firm up plans for platform support.

Democracy 4 Official Alpha Trailer

This is the fourth in the series of political strategy titles from Positech Games. Democracy 3 is the best selling so far, having sold over 750,000 copies since its release in 2013.

Democracy 4 is being developed with help from Jeff Sheen of Stargazy Studios. The target platforms are slated for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. But it looks like plans change for Early Access until the full release. Including translation for a number of languages. Such as English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. Priced at $26.99 USD on Steam.

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