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Demon Hunter expansion coming for Son of a Witch

demon hunter expansion coming for son of a witch in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Demon Hunter expansion coming for Son of a Witch in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to continuing efforts of developer Bigosaur. Due to make it’s away onto Steam this month. Expanding the already Very Positive reviews even further.

The is happy to announce the free Demon Hunter expansion for Son of a Witch. Which is also nearing the end of beta testing access. Due to be released on Steam, February 25th. With continuing support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Plus a Nintendo Switch release is coming later this Spring.

Son of a Witch is an action roguelike for 1-4 players. The Demon Hunter expansion is the biggest update to the game since it’s release. Since the original debut has the main focus on weapon and item combos. Which is similar to that of The Binding of Isaac. With optional permadeath, various difficulty levels, and cute art. Outrageously fun co-op gameplay that you can take on with friends. The game has been featured by IndieCade. As well as various European festivals like IndiePrize and GameAccess. Demon Hunter expansion will take gameplay even further. Check out the initial release trailer below.

Son of a Witch release trailer

Demon Hunter Features:

  • A new class: Lich, who brings the total number of available heroes to 11
  • The Hell level with 7 new enemy types and 4 new bosses
  • 7 new special challenge rooms
  • 7 new weapons in the Demon Hunter expansion. This includes the Blade of Light which reminds us of a lightsaber
  • 18 new magic items with various new gameplay mechanics
  • 3 new random potion effects
  • 3 new new magic spells
  • 5 new pets, each helping the heroes in a different way
  • 27 new achievements
  • Endless Arena leaderboard
  • various minor improvements and bug fixes

The indie solo-developer behind the project, Milan Babuskov, said: “The new Demon Hunter expansion will be free for all the players who own the base game. But there’s a possibility of the base price increase after the release. I’m thankful to all the players who are playing and giving useful feedback. It makes me still want to add new free updates, even though the game released a couple of years ago”.

The Demon Hunter expansion for Son of a Witch is due to arrive Free on February 25th. Available for all owners on Steam. Continuing support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Which is currently discounted 40% on Steam, dropping the price to $8.99 USD.

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