Demonheart: Hunters faces a demonic influence

demonheart: hunters adventure RPG demonic influence on linux mac windows pc

Demonheart: Hunters adventure RPG releases on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to creative developer Rolling Crown. Available now on both Steam and with a discount. Along with some Positive reviews.

Demonheart: Hunters follows a female protagonist. Which is also a visual novel in a dark fantasy world. All full of intrigue, deception and betrayal. Therefore the main character’s personality is completely up to the player. Thanks to extensive dialog choices available.

Bright is a young woman from a small, peaceful town. Dark times have come for her family. But luckily, she also has the favor of the famous healer witch Orchid. Benevolent, calm and beloved by all. Orchid hides dark secrets that Bright begins to uncover. Hence the events behind the Demonheart: Hunters.

Demonheart: Hunters – Gameplay Trailer

But now you will have to embrace or resist. Since you will face demonic influence around you. So you may have to romance your companions in this RPG. Along with strong conversation choices and character interactions.

The young rogue Bright has a demon heart. And as a result, this gives her supernatural powers. She is both blessed and cursed. For her heart makes her a target for the Demonheart: Hunters. So she must discover who is hunting her. While working to turn the tables on them. And likewise, a certain half demon is plotting to start the Apocalypse. On her journey, Bright reunites with old allies. Then meets new allies and enemies. The trouble is, in this world it’s often difficult to tell which is which.


  • Female protagonist.
  • 85.000 words of conversations with multiple choices.
  • Romances with male and female characters.
  • Dark fantasy humor.
  • Intrigue and betrayal within Demonheart: Hunters.
  • The main character can be played as good, evil, tactful, rude and everything in between.

Demonheart: Hunters is a unique adventure RPG for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Available with a 10% discount on Steam and

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