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Descenders full release including multiplayer

descenders full release including multiplayer in linux mac windows pc games

Descenders has a full release including multiplayer in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to the creative efforts of RageSquid and No More Robots. The games also discounted on Steam right now.

Descenders is downhill multiplayer biking for the modern era. While being a fast paced extreme action game. It’s also easy to pick up, but difficult to master.

So with this 1.0 launch, Descenders gains full online multiplayer. Also twice as many worlds and levels to explore. And a whole host of additional content. Race with friends through over 8 billion levels. These span nine unique worlds. While you unlock bikes, kits, accessories and mutators.

Descenders Multiplayer Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac and Windows PC)

Descenders has deep physics system and tight controls. Which also allows players to string together incredible trick combos. As you make your way down the mountain. And also attempt to reach the bottom with as few scratches as possible.

Procedurally generated worlds mean that no two runs are ever the same. With special challenge nodes to discover. Since you will face nerve racking Boss Jumps. Which separates the casuals from the pro’s.

Features of the 1.0 full release:

    Find other players from around the world in the new hub and career modes. Or join up with some friends in a casual lobby. While you race down the steepest tracks. Chill out at the skate park or play a game of hide and seek. The nine worlds are now all yours to play with. However you and your friends want to face Descenders!
    Mastered Peaks? Got that Volcano run down? Then it’s time to jump into the FOUR NEW WORLDS. While you complete with their own boss jumps! These are also testing environments with some difficult obstacles. So make sure to bring your A-game! You can even get practising in the BRAND NEW HUB!
    So it’s time for a new colour scheme in Descenders. Maybe even a new handlebar companion. This is also complete with totally not annoying noises. Perhaps a community built item. Shoutout to the amazing designers in the Discord channel. Whose items also made the cut. Or a female rider? Don’t worry, you are covered!

To celebrate all this new hotness, Descenders is discounted 25% for a whole week off $24.99 USD. There’s never been a better time to grab some friends and jump in!

Descenders is available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Available on Steam priced at $24.99 USD. Plus a 25% discount until May 14th.

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