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Descent: Underground conjures Halloween fun

Descent: Underground conjures up Halloween fun linux mac pc

Descendent Studios, today released a new update for Descent: Underground rebalancing a number of #gameplay elements, including #weapons and missile hardpoints. Codenamed “Spectre”, the patch includes a number of #Halloween-themed asset changes for players to enjoy.

“Our players are deeply involved in our development process,” said Descendent CEO Eric “Wingman” Peterson. “They work hard helping us improve the game and we wanted to give them a bit of a treat.”

This release also adds a new multiplayer map called “BAMM”, expands the number of maps available for the “Conquest” game mode, and adds play tips to the loading screens. It also includes a new reticle system to give players better feedback about where shots should land and improves the UI in a number of ways. More information is available in the patch notes.

The Early Access version of Descent: Underground is now on sale with a 35% discount at and Steam. The game already features a number of multiplayer competitive and cooperative game modes, among them a horde-style “Survival” mode, and a tongue-in-cheek capture-the-flag mode called “Miner Mayhem”. Single-player “Survival” and “Vs. Bots” modes allow offline play in advance of the upcoming storyline campaign.

Some New Content & Patch Notes

  • HALLOWEEN – Keep your eyes and ears peeled for some fun, spooky seasonal changes.
  • NEW MAP – “BAMM”
    • Team Anarchy, Anarchy, Conquest, and Vs AI/Bots modes now available!
    • Designed by a community member – Jobode! (Can you find the sign?)
    • Conquest is now available on all maps (except Charon, of course). Maps have differing numbers of capture zones, so that each map is a unique gameplay experience.
    • Now that we’ve completed Conquest’s implementation, Capture the Core and King of the Core are being retired.
    • Now does more damage close in and less further out.
    • Charge time increased to 3 seconds
    • There is now a 1-second hold time between reaching full charge and overcharge damage.


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