Descent: Underground releases major content update for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


#DescendentStudios, the Austin, Texas-based game developer, today released a #major #content update to Descent: Underground, its reboot of the classic 1990’s FPS, Descent. Nicknamed “Rama”, this version includes new game content as well as user experience improvements. The Early Access version of Descent: Underground is now available on Steam with a 67% discount and through

New features include a new multiplayer map called “Rama” which blends open arena space with confined rooms and passages. The “Torch”, a predecessor to the legendary “Pyro” of the original games, adds a dueling ship to the range of class roles available. Proximity Mines give an explosive spin to the list of deployable gadgets, while a fuel-guzzling Afterburner and the return of trichording help players escape from danger or get to the fight faster.

Players can now create their own match lobbies, selecting their favorite maps and game modes and inviting friends to play via a short code. Lobbies can also be public or private. Players also now have a career page that shows statistics about their in-game performance. More details are available in the Release Notes.

An officially-licensed prequel to the enormously successful Descent series of games, Descent: Underground combines first-person shooter action with six degrees of freedom vehicular movement. Players take on the role of pilots commanding space-combat ships in high-stakes battles for control of warren-like asteroid mines. Combining AAA graphics and unique gameplay, Descent: Underground attracted long lines at this summer’s Rooster Teeth Expo as fans clamored to get a chance to play.

Descent: Underground is available on Steam with a 67% discount and scheduled for release during the first part of 2016 for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. More information is available on the company’s website at

Also, make sure to check out the Descendent Studios YouTube channel for a ton of new content on Descent: Underground.


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  1. devinhelgeson says:

    67% off? Sounds like a deal!

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