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Despot’s Game auto-battler releasing soon

despot's game: dystopian army builder tactical auto-battler releasing soon on linux mac windows pc

Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder tactical auto-battler game is releasing soon on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks the work and creativity of developer Konfa Games. Currently available on Steam Early Access and coming to GOG.

Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder is the roguelike tactical auto-battler. One where commanders build their squad of puny humans into a legion of wizards, ninjas, and dozens of other heroes. All while leading them through a strange post-apocalyptic puzzle. Due to leaves Early Access toward a launch on Thursday, September 15, 2022. While providing support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

To commemorate the release, the developers at Konfa Games and publisher tinyBuild are offering the game’s prequel, Despostim 3k, for free via Steam between August 4-7, 2022. Players who purchase Despot’s Game before it leaves Early Access on September 15 will also receive a gift. Which is the DLC “Despot’s Game: Challenges” for no additional charge.

Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder departs Early Access with better mechanics. There are also brand new quests, strange never before seen enemies and mutations. Plus an upgraded soundtrack to terrorize amnesic humans. Equip rag tag units with 50 weapons from 10 unique classes for near endless options on the battlefield. Shape terrified (and naked!) humans into battle ready gunslingers. Or maybe fearless laser sword wielders, stalwart stale pretzel throwers, and much more. Face off against 60 different monsters ranging from giant skeletons and undead zombies. All the way to the mythical beast Cerberus and giant man eating cabbages.

Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder – Full Release Date Trailer

Turn the tide of battle by mutating the armed masses. Buff up poor souls with defense boosting thicker skin and increased attack. Or maybe take things to the next level by combining mutations. All due to blur the lines between Summoners and Shooters. You can also create humans that charge into battle with rapid firing robots at their sides. Walk a darker path by using the “Glory to Satan” ritual. All due to summon an eldritch tentacle by offering an innocent newcomer.

Since tyrants may seek a break from escaping the clutches of crazy monsters. You can jump into the all new Massacre mode. Offers a more classic auto battler gameplay with quick, back to back multiplayer matches. All while you see whose motley crew can come out on top.

A colorful, quirky pixel art style brings Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder to life. Along with various references to pop culture icons in a dodgy battle mashup. Due to the sound of upbeat tracks sure to keep players pumped. Doing so at each turn of the mysterious labyrinths.

Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder tactical auto-battler will launch on September 15, 2022. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Priced at $11.99 USD / £9.11 / 9,99€ with the 20% discount on Steam Early Access. But coming to GOG At launch, the full price will be $19.99 USD / EUR €19.99.

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