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Desynced automation works well on Proton

desynced sci-fi strategy automation game releases with solid support for linux with proton via windows pc

Desynced sci-fi strategy automation game releases with solid support for Linux with Proton via Windows PC. Thanks to to Stage Games for their non-stop efforts. Which is available now on Steam Early Access with 92% Very Positive reviews.

Imagine you’re in space, looking down on a mysterious planet. Your ship has seen better days; it’s stuck in orbit, and it’s up to you to collect what you need from the planet below. This world and its challenges are at the heart of Desynced, which just released into Early Access for Windows PC, for roughly one year.

Likewise, the developer’s email reply also states, “It seems to work very well on Proton.” And at this point, does not look like a native Linux build will take place. But thanks to Unreal Engine 4, Desynced plays very well with Steam Play.

So, how does Desynced strategy automation work? Think of your main tools as drones and buildings. These drones and structures can be customized and built to your preference. Picture them as modular parts, like computer parts.

Now, both drones and buildings use modules. These modules can perform tasks, like pulling resources from the ground or scanning the setting. They can also harness the sun’s energy. In Desynced you’re not limited to one type of setup either. Want a drone that mines? Go for it. Prefer a stationary mining tower? That works too. It’s a lot about testing and finding out what works best for you.

Desynced: Early Access Date Announcement Trailer

When it comes to power, location matters. If you’re up on a mountain, you could set up a series of wind turbines. Or, make a drone that’s like a mobile power bank, supplying energy wherever you need it. The real beauty of Desynced is that there isn’t just one right answer. You can approach challenges in a myriad of ways.

You might want to dive in solo, taking on this world and its surprises alone. Or, if teaming up in online co-op is more your style, partner with a friend and work together. You can also play Desynced in PvP. Since the environment is dynamic, which means building and defending your base becomes an evolving puzzle. Plus, there’s a bit of automation. Drones can be set up to run tasks on their own. But, for those who like to tinker and optimize, there’s an option to program specific behaviors.

As you explore, there’s a mix of old and new to discover. Ruins hinting at past civilizations could hide essential resources. And then there’s “the blight”, uncharted territories promising amazing new findings. As you delve deeper, the tools and technologies available to you grow. Also paving the way for more exploration and innovation.

So, if you’re looking for a game that blends creativity, strategy, and exploration, Desynced. The strategy automation is available on Steam Early Access, priced at $25.49 USD / £21.24 / 24,64€ with the 15% discount. Playable on Linux with Proton via Windows PC. I know it’s not a native build, but it’s worth playing.

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