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DESYNCED survival strategy targets Linux

desynced sci-fi survival strategy game targets linux with windows pc

DESYNCED sci-fi survival strategy game targets Linux with Windows PC. Which is the new creation coming from the minds behind Stage Games. Working to makes its way onto both Steam Early Access and Humble Store.

Stage Games, Inc is eager to announce DESYNCED, since the Steam page is live. Doing so ahead of the game’s demo reveal in the Steam Base Builder Fest. The single or multiplayer game launches in Early Access in Q1 of 2023. But also has Linux in mind as well.

We are currently on UE 4.27 for initial release. But do plan to upgrade to 5.1 once we have resources for testing. It does, however, work on the Steamdeck via Proton!

This is the email reply from developer Stage Games. Who are also hoping to offer a Linux port if the game succeeds. But due to resources they are not able to offer a native build right now. Rightly so, the games going into Early Access next month. Although it’s good to know that Proton support works. Plus I sincerely hope that a Linux build does take place.

DESYNCED – Official Announcement Trailer

In DESYNCED players will wake up from cryosleep as the supposed orbital commander of a robotic colonization force. Gather, build, explore and fight to survive. All while using fully customizable units and behaviors. Explore and automate your way to success, or die. Research new technology or find an AI on the brink of self-awareness. Step into the hostile area known as the Blight to uncover the truth of this world. Play the game alone or with up to 15 others in co-op or competitive modes.

In the procedurally-generated, nearly infinite world of DESYNCED, players can completely customize the use of all units and buildings in the “Component” system. Each component adds use, and you can swap that use with a simple drag and drop. While unlocking new tech opens up options for more buildings and units as well as more components. Even simple behavior editing so you can automate to speed things up even more. As you explore more of the world to discover the things you need. You will also uncover alien tech (some compatible with yours) and unearth the truth of the DESYNCED story. The game can be played from beginning to end in single or multiplayer. Online features include co-op with optional shared controls and faction assignment if you want to get competitive.


  • Endless Unit customization via Component Swapping system
  • Automation Through Behaviors For Complex Actions
  • Single and multiplayer co-op DESYNCED story, PvP, and challenge game modes
  • Full mod support through LUA scripting
  • Replay any save game and continue playing from any point
  • A narrative for you to discover. What is real? What is the lie? Once you’ve found it, can you escape?

DESYNCED sci-fi survival strategy game can be Wishlisted on Steam Early Access and Humble Store. The Windows PC demo will be available starting January 23rd at 10AM PST. Which also goes along with the Steam Base Builder Fest.