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Dev: Multiplayer mode required for all modern games

If it seems like nearly every video game in this modern era of gaming has at least some sort of multiplayer mode, it’s because it’s required. At least, that’s the thinking for game developers these days according to game producer Ken Mah.

“The market now really expects a pretty decent multiplayer component to [modern video games],” said Mah in a one-on-one interview with’s Game Guys. “I think a lot of players really expect now, you know. A lengthy single-player campaign with a multiplayer part afterwards.”

While Mah, who is currently working on the Namco-Bandai published title Inversion, believes that multiplayer options have a place in all modern video games, he doesn’t think the exclusion of such a feature would be detrimental to any one game so long as that game gives a lot of value and replayability to the player. He then added, “It definitely helps to have multiplayer.”

Just having multiplayer isn’t enough because there are a number of ways to get the concept wrong. One error that could be made is having a multiplayer component that has different gameplay mechanics than the single-player mode(s).

“Then you’ve essentially got two different-feeling games,” Mah explained.

Over the next year, the programmer believes that multiplayer will be getting bigger and better, citing that players should expect to see DLC support for games increasing to the point that games will be receiving new content — some of which could be multiplayer based — up to or beyond a year after a game’s release.

“It’s pretty exciting stuff. A lot of people are really pushing the envelope on what people are seeing in multiplayer games.”

– Game Guy Barry White [email protected]

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