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Developer hacks Raspberry Pi to play Super Nintendo games


A small, ugly computer playing old, primitive video games normally wouldn’t be news. But most small, ugly computers aren’t nearly as cool as the Raspberry Pi, the credit card-sized Linux computer that’s being sold for just $35 by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. And now, petRockBlog founder Florian has made the Raspberry Pi even cooler by creating an adapter for the mini-computer that’s capable of playing old-school 16-bit and 8-bit Nintendo games. In his blog post describing his project, Florian lists several key tasks he had to perform to make the Pi SNES-ready, such as creating a hardware controller interface, building a case that can contain the Pi and connect to traditional SNES controllers, and building a launch menu from scratch that lets users choose the games they want to play.

The developer posted a video of himself playing the immortal Mario Kart on the Pi, although it would have been nice if he’d shown video of Street Fighter II and Chrono Trigger as well. Ah, memories…


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