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Devolver Digital reveals twelve minutes of Shadow Warrior 2 gameplay


Shadow Warrior 2 looks like #superb action game that does #firstperson melee #combat rather well. And the environments look fantastic, so we are excited for the the sequel. In the mean time, here is these twelve minutes of blood, banter and burning demons.


  • Blades and Bullets: Lo Wang delivers his own brand full throttle brutality with an expanded array of over 70 lethal blades and explosive firearms to overcome the demonic opposition. Become a whirlwind of steel and blood with razor sharp katana, short swords, crescent blades, and hand claws or unleash a hellish symphony of ornate firearms to decimate your enemies.
  • Four Player Co-Op: Battle through the expansive campaign alone or team up as a four-player typhoon of destruction online in campaign co-op mode. Tackle challenging primary missions or thrilling side quests while maintaining your own ninja style with customizable armor, items, and valuable loot from your triumphs.
  • Procedural Environments: The breach between the human and demon realms created an interdimensional hernia resulting in constant shifts to the world of Shadow Warrior 2. Procedurally generated landscapes and paths bring new twists and turns to once familiar terrain and routine missions.
  • Brutal Damage System: Choose your weapon based on the situation at hand and then dismantle everything that stands in your path with an advanced gore system. Use precision blade strikes to separate limbs and heads or switch to heavy ordinance and blow a hole right through colossal beasts.
  • Custom Upgrade System: Upgrade weapons in your arsenal with up to three stones at once to improve performance or augment them with devastating elemental effects. Collect karma, amulets, and armor to enhance Lo Wang’s power and shift his death-dealing artistry into overdrive.

Flying Wild Hog have a solid understanding of the importance of movement, the first Shadow Warrior had a conventional level-based structure with occasional corridors and gardens. But Shadow Warrior 2 uses the environment as an arena, throwing more and more demons and beasts at the player, forcing Lo Wang to dart around while slicing and shooting. Plus the sequel adds new ways to navigate, allowing Wang to ping-pong around the arenas and explore levels better.

“You mess with the bull, you get the Wang”

No release date has been announced yet but it should be out this year, as outlined on Steam.