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Devouring Stars real-time strategy game hits Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Studio Nerial and publisher #BulkyPix are announcing the #release of the celestial #realtimestrategy game Devouring Stars on Steam Early Access today. This version is priced at $9.99 and is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Greek Gods & Exploration

Inspired by Dan Simmons’ Illium but also by games like Eufloria or Faster Than Light, Devouring Stars is a strategy game with some exploration and a lot of Greek gods.

Devouring Stars is a celestial strategy game with some exploration and a lot of Greek gods. In Devouring Stars you play a tribe of godlike entities trapped in Tartarus, a corner of the universe as far beneath hell as heaven is high above the earth. Hunted by 4 other tribes, you have been given the ability to draw your own fate. But to what extent ? The game use a couple of unique mechanics to create a different experience on the RTS and space exploration genre. Your entities have the ability to “devour” starfields, creating dynamic nebulas that will protect them. There’s no tech tree or building facilities in Devouring Stars : your entities are able to merge in order to create advanced units with special abilities. Depending on the set of entities you start the game with, you will be able to go for different strategies that will evolve during the game. Devouring Stars is mainly inspired by Dan Simmons’ Illium but also by Homeworld, Eufloria, Starcraft and Faster than light.


  • 15 advanced entities to unlock by merging the 4 basic ones (earth, air, fire, water). Each advanced unit has a specific ability like freezing enemies, controling them, attacking them from afar, …
  • Generated starfields offering a large range of beautiful and differently balanced layout
  • Hundreds of levels, depending on your advance in the game, specific scenario, your tribe and your enemies
  • Direct attack, escape route, diversion, … many ways to go through the game depending on your strategic choices, your entities and your enemies
  • 4 enemy tribes with specific features and behaviors
  • Thousands of different settings through generated scenarios
  • And some well hidden secrets…

A brief yet necessary Early Access

Devouring Stars will not remain in Early Access for more than a couple of months. Although at a very advanced stage of development, the strategy title still needs some final polishing. Developers most notably expect useful feedbacks from the community regarding the difficulty balancing as well as the enemy AI.

This Early Access version features the whole game, fully playable from the start to the end. English and French languages are available but more will be present in the final version.


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