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Dezatopia retro shoot em up is making noise

dezatopia retro shoot em up is making noise on linux mac windows pc

Dezatopia is a retro action shoot em up is getting some notice on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer HEY and publisher Hanaji Games. Originally releasing on January 24th on Steam. And the reviews are coming in hot.

Since strange and unusual creatures live in Earth’s underground. They are also unknown to humankind. That was until Momoko, the fashion obsessed high school girl. Who somehow and by chance discover them. So now they are trying to combine the civilizations above and below the surface. Creating a new world: Dezatopia.

The player controls Akane and Aoba. Momoko’s schoolmates who were hired to help start construction. So they can create a huge underground bridge. Until they discover the extent of her plans. So they decide to thwart the plans of Momoko and her beasts. While using their Speleological Fighter Pink Aurora.

Besides that, the craft has four unique, intuitive weapons. So they can fight back against enemies from all directions. Upgrades and items can also be purchased from a mid-flight shop. But these upgrades have a count. Due to the dynamic difficulty system in Dezatopia. Which also auto adjust to match the player’s skill level. While testing their experience, strategy, and technique. As well as their luck.

Each Dezatopia stage is also full of a variety of surprising systems. Besides that, you have to work past bosses. They wait at the end in these massive machines. And as a result, they are prearranged in various routes for high replayability. Pixel art and smooth animation certainly bring the underground to life. Along with a retro style of the FM synth soundtrack. Making the original melodies catchy. It all comes together for a truly vivid audio visual experience.

Dezatopia Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

There is a strange cast of characters. Ranging from the three human high schoolers to the weird underground creatures. They are also full of personality. While their reasons for fighting form the backbone of a quirky story.

Dezatopia is expansive, detailed game. The adaptive difficult create a more unique experience.


  • Classic arcade style: The tried and true dodge and destroy excitement. A shmup that is on full display.
  • Huge volume of content: 24 different stages with 21 bosses arranged in 21 routes.
  • Intuitive controls: New yet simple controls. Playable for beginners and veterans alike.
  • Unique shop system: Purchase upgrades in Dezatopia on the fly. So you don’t have to pause the action.
  • Dynamic challenge: Automatically adjusts. Ranging between 1000 difficulty ranks to suit the player’s skill.
  • Amusing story: High school students and underground creatures. Clashing against the mix and control over two worlds.
  • Unlockable bonuses: Find hidden items in each stage. These also open up music in the sound test. As well as backstories and more.
  • Eye-catching graphics: Vivid pixel art with smooth animation.
  • Retro music: Over 40 all new FM synth tracks by HEY.

Dezatopia retro shoot em up is available on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD. With builds available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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