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Diablo IV on Steam with a Verified launch

diablo iv action rpg adventure game launches and its verified for steam deck and playable on linux via windows pc

Diablo IV action RPG adventure game launches and is Verified for Steam Deck and playable on Linux via Windows PC. Valve and Blizzard Entertainment have teamed up for something exciting. Available now on Steam with solid Deck reviews.

Alright, so you’ve probably heard Diablo IV was due to release on Steam, Verified. It’s also the latest entry in the Diablo series and has garnered a lot of attention. In fact, it’s broken some records, becoming the fastest-selling title from Blizzard, both for those playing on consoles and on their PCs.

Since the early release on June 1, players around the world have spent a combined 93 million hours in its universe. Being immersed in this world non-stop since ancient civilizations began! Now Diablo IV is playable on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton. According to the reviews, it runs flawlessly on the Deck.

Now, let’s dive into the world of Sanctuary, where it all takes place. The setting is 50 years after the events of its predecessor, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. So the story unfolds, as Lilith, known as the Daughter of Hatred, is summoned back to Sanctuary. And, as you might guess, that’s not good. Sanctuary now faces a new horde of nightmarish creatures, therefore it’s up to the heroes to restore order.

You can choose how your hero will evolve and shape their abilities. While building our your character to deal with the creatures you’ll face. Want to throw ice? Command the undead? Transform into a beast? It’s all possible. Diablo IV offers five different classes you can explore via Steam: the Druids who can shapeshift, and Rogues known for their speed. While Sorcerers who control elements, powerful Barbarians, and mysterious Necromancers.

Diablo IV | Story Trailer

Sanctuary itself is vast. So you can venture across five unique regions, each with its own feel and set of challenges. Beyond that, there are over 120 dark dungeons, many side tasks, and powerful bosses that dominate the landscape. You’re not on a set path, either. The game lets you explore, enhance your abilities, and decide how you want to face challenges.

Once you feel like you’ve seen the main story through, don’t hang up your gear. There are more adventurers awaiting. Delve into Diablo IV activities like the intense Helltide or tackle the daunting Nightmare Dungeons on Steam. Seek out the Whispers of the Dead for coveted rewards, or head to the Fields of Hatred where you can challenge other heroes and build your reputation. And don’t worry, there’s always more content on the horizon with regular updates introducing new features, characters, and treasures.

While many purchased Diablo IV primarily because of its compatibility with the Steam Deck. They appreciated the significant updates that came with the Steam launch, including improved gameplay features and the developers’ renewed commitment to enhancing the title. Since it now runs seamlessly on the Deck with stable performance. While there were concerns about microtransactions and the game’s high cost, the recent changes mark a positive direction for development.

Diablo IV is an expansive universe, brimming with opportunities to explore, grow, and battle alongside friends on Steam. Both Linux and Steam Deck players can now play, thanks to the title being Verified. The action RPG adventure launch is priced at $52.49 USD / £44.99 / 52,49€ including the 25% launch discount for the base game. The prices are the same on Blizzards website, should you prefer to use Lutris.

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