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Diacrisis 2D survival horror and support

diacrisis 2d survival horror and support in linux mac windows pc games

Diacrisis 2D survival horror is available for Windows, but the games developer is looking at Linux support. We reached out to the games creator, Luan Prates de Souza. The games also live on Steam right now.

Diacrisis will have you facing horror and try to retake control. Doing so for a maximum security prison full of terrifying unsolved mysteries. Think fast and don’t get cornered by the horrific zombie hordes. This is a 2D action packed thriller. So buckle up.

Linux Support:

“I really want to make a copy for Mac’s and Linux’s. But it also depends on the quality of packaging that the engine has.
I know Unreal Engine has solid export settings for Linux and Mac. But it depends on a lot of things when it comes to optimization for others operation systems.”

So this is interesting news for Diacrisis. The developer is also facing another hardship. Since the desktop exploded. Which means having to get enough cash together to buy another desktop. And a delay in development. But the insight for a native release is reasonable.

There is also a recent announcement on Steam about a price cut. Which may also explain the limited reviews for the game. Since the priced is dropping to $18.99 USD next week. Which should help gain further attention for Diacrisis.

Diacrisis: Game Trailer (Windows PC, then Linux and Mac)

A disturbing distress call wakes Matthew Diacrisis. Since it is the middle of the night, it must be serious. The facilities staff have completely lose control. And the Excillar Supermax Security Prison is in northern Canada. Which is also a frightful region full of ghastly blizzards.
So naturally, you now have to explore this crazy mystery. Which means facing some overwhelming odds.

Jump into Diacrisis, a 2D side scrolling survival horror game. Face the outbreak of unrelenting zombie hordes. Which eradicates all hope of redemption for the prisoners. Who will do anything to escape this battered penal facility.


  • A full arsenal of military weapons.
  • Brutal traps, deadly conflicts with disturbing assassins. And hordes of zombies.
  • Core elements of combat, exploration and puzzle.
  • Crowd control the hordes of zombies. While mixing both melee and knife attacks.
  • A complete 2D visual brings the highest side scrolling graphical quality ever!
  • Embark on a grim adventure to reveal the shocking truth!
  • Search to find collectibles diary pages and classified files!

Diacrisis survival horror available on Steam. Dropping to the price to $18.99 USD next week. Which should help developer Luan Prates de Souza. Both for a new desktop and ideally Linux support.

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