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DICE+ is a die for digital boardgames

Bluetooth technology coming to Linux and



A startup has developed a digitally-enhanced version of the traditional game die called DICE+. Designed to work with smartphones and tablets, the DICE+ adds a physical element to digital boardgames. It has a number of features you won’t find in a regular die, such as an anti-cheating algorithm, LED backlights, and Bluetooth connectivity for beaming digits directly to games. The DICE+ will be compatible with iOS, Android, Symbian, Linux, and Windows, although no platforms have been ruled out at this point.

For now, the developer, GIC, is looking for hardware and software partners to help bring the DICE+ to market. According to Engadget, GIC estimates that the DICE+ will cost around $30 if and when it starts shipping.

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DICE+ guided tour from DICE+ on Vimeo.

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