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Die by the Blade sword fighting hits funding goal

die by the blade sword fighting hits the funding goal on kickstarter for linux windows pc

Die by the Blade sword fighting hits the funding goal on Kickstarter for Windows PC, but holds hope for Linux. Thanks to developers Triple Hill Interactive and Toko Midori. Seeing the crowdfunding campaign passed it’s funding goal. With more than a week left due to further stretch goals.

The one-hit-kill sword fighting game Die by the Blade passes the funding target $20,000 USD. Now looking for success with the campaign stretch goals. Hoping to bring more content that could be part of this game. With some top rewards available for new backers to take advantage of. This also helps shape the future of this anticipated game.

“We are excited that we can now expand on our development plans for Die by the Blade. And the team would like to thank all of our backers for joining us on this great adventure” said Peter Adamondy, development lead at Triple Hill Interactive. “As well as adding in some truly exciting gameplay mechanics we can now open up the stretch goals. Where we can really elevate the game content further”.

Die by the Blade Kickstarter Trailer

Linux Support:

Asking about Linux support going forward, “We are not sure, there is only one person in Wishlist requesting Linux as a main platform. So the question is if it would make sense. We are already using Linux based headless servers (with UE4 core running simulation) though. So, technically it shouldn’t be big problem (but I am sure that there will be some later down the line as usual).”

There are certainly some grey areas here. Die by the Blade is development using Unreal Engine 4. Which is also “custom modified” according to the developer. And the Kickstarter FAQ states. “Our plan is to support all the major platforms that you can find on the current market. The exact list will, however, depend on the time of release and situation on the market next year.”
And as a result, it looks like support for Linux is in the plan. But if anything, with the success of the Kickstarter, just be sure to Wishlist for support on Steam.

The team is also eager to announce the next stretch goal is live on Kickstarter ($40,000 USD). The first goal will be the addition of deadly ranged weapons for Die by the Blade. Also adding to the arsenal of swords available for players to choose. Each character will have a special ranged weapon that can be used once in each round. Players will also be able to block this with their sword. But timing will be crucial.

Inspiration for the game

Drawing inspiration from legendary combat games like Bushido Blade and Way of the SamuraiDie by the Blade is a one-hit-kill sword fighting action game. So players must take up their weapons and face off against deadly opponents. Choose your character, select your weapon and engage in 1 vs 1 combat. Or online online multiplayer PVP with leader boards. Where the slightest mistake could seal your fate. Become a master of your craft and fight to the death with other players. Facing off in tense, fast paced multiplayer matches. Or slash through tough AI enemies in the exciting single player campaign.

Since the crowdfunding campaign hits the funding goal on Kickstarter. The campaign comes to a close on Fri, November 13 2020 1:59 PM EST. Due to release on Windows PC. But since Linux support is not 100%, be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. Due to release in June 2021.

Keep up to date with the official Die by the Blade social media channels – Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Discord

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