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Die for Valhalla beat em up adventure hits Kickstarter

die for valhalla beat em up adventure hits kickstarter linux mac pc

So indie game developer and soon-to-be publisher Monster Couch are keen to announce their debut game Die For Valhalla. The beat em up adventure is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC, the campaign is off to a great start on Kickstarter. Hence the team is looking for help to complete the development of their viking inspired beat em up adventure. Since Die For Valhalla is expecting to have an official release in the spring of 2017. Not to be confused with Valhalla Hills.

So gameplay features a ghostly witch sent to help Vikings save their world. Since things are not what they seem, players must enter a battle for death in a stunning roguelike environment.

Die For Valhalla challenges the player to take the roll of a Valkyrie. Hence on a mission to turn Vikings into heroes through battles and heroic deeds, such as rescuing other warriors. The players efforts are measured through the amount of Glory they gain and then awarded with new abilities and bonuses. So you will discover tales about Vikings and their Myths in the fast-paced combat. Then seek the truth about yourself and the nature of the world. Things are not what they seem in mysterious Valhalla. Since the game includes seven types of Vikings to possess and summon, each with its own unique abilities and combos. With the right skills, you can even possess things and monsters! 4-player co-op (single-screen) action is available in the cool story- and death-match modes.

Honestly, the gameplay from the pitch trailer looks hilarious. Hence we are keen to see what the end-game will be.
So a minimum pledge of $9 USD will get you a digital copy of the game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Either on Steam or DRM-free, which is not too bad for a basic pledge goal.

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