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Dig or Die open world sandbox shows signs of a port

dig or die open world sandbox shows signs of a linux port

Dig or Die open world sandbox for Windows, also shows signs for a Linux port. Thanks to French independent game development studio Gaddy Games.

Gaddy Games are proud to announce that after three years of development. Dig or Die, the sci-fi sandbox survival strategy game, finally gets a full release on Steam.

To date, Dig or Die has support from a community strong with 160,000 users. While maintaining a 91% Very Positive review score on its Steam page.

Dig or Die full release is available for $11.99 USD, 11.99€ in the Euro Zone and £9.29 in the UK.

Linux port:

“The game is made with Unity in C# with a C++ plugin. Linux port is not planned but as your question suggested, could be done.”

So this also means that the sole developer will have to put more time into the port. And your guess is as good as mine as to how long. Since the dev mentions concerns such as, “the port & maintenance time, and skills, as I develop the game alone.” Yikes!!
Even though this is positive news to begin with, the port could be a ways off.

About Dig or Die

Dig or Die is a one of a kind sandbox game. Since it blends strategy elements, wrapped around a deep living and breathing habitat. Also constantly changing under the effects of dynamic weather circumstances.

Survival and defense gameplay mechanics have been implemented. So this offers players a unique experience where their crafting and building skills become key. While working to overcome the world natural obstacles. And preserve themselves against the attacks from the native creatures inhabiting the hostile surroundings.

In creative mode, available tools enable players to landscape new terrains. Generate water and lava as well as create monsters, grow plants instantly and absorb liquids.

With a very distinct art style and a robust building system, Dig or Die stands out as a very unique open world sandbox game. As employee of CRAFT & Co., a space exploration agency, your latest contract has gone awry and you find yourself stranded on a distant planet. Your objective is to establish a base and accumulate resources in order to build a spaceship port and find your way back home. When the daylight fades, however, you’ll have to fight back massive hordes of monsters. Who just like you, don’t take kindly to unwanted intruders. You will build your defenses, create barricades and turrets to protect yourself against your opponents.

Dig or Die open world sandbox Trailer (Windows, hopefully Linux)

In addition to the current game’s version features, the full release includes 3 brand new game modes. Under the Sea, Sky World, Base Defense and 16 random environmental events. Such as earthquakes, rain flood or meteor showers, happening once a day and directly impacting gameplay. Gaddy Games also expanded the soundtrack selection with 9 new tracks.

Also, gamepaly lets you to play in singleplayer, multiplayer, online multiplayer, co-op and online coop.

Dig or Die open world sandbox is available now on Steam for $11.99 in the US, 11.99€ in the Euro Zone and £9.29 in the UK. Supported languages are English, French, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian, Spanish and Dutch.

Stay up-to-date with the latest Dig or Die news and information on the steam page on Facebook, on Twitter and on Youtube.

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