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DIGGERGUN platformer is a latam finalist

diggergun platformer and life-sim game for linux and windows pc is now a finalist at gamescom latam

DIGGERGUN platformer and life-sim game for Linux and Windows PC is now a finalist at gamescom latam. Thanks to the amazing creativity of developer Kabloop. Due to make its way onto Steam.

DIGGERGUN, the platformer and life-sim, has been nominated for the “BIG Impact: Social Matters” award at the gamescom latam BIG Festival. This is a huge honor, and its great to see a coming release standing alongside some amazing titles.

The solo developer, Kabloop, is thrilled too. “It’s an incredible honor to be nominated for this award. DIGGERGUN platformer tackles themes like inequality and the cost of living crisis. I hope it sparks a conversation about how we can take better care of each other,” Kabloop said.

For those heading to gamescom latam in São Paulo, you can try out a demo. If you can’t make it to the event, don’t worry! The demo will also be available online through the gamescom latam website. Plus you can check out the updated trailer.

DIGGERGUN platformer – Steam Trailer

Now, let’s talk about the game itself. The gameplay takes place in a tough version of the UK, where low wages, exhaustion, and expensive fish and chips are the norm. It’s an oppressive life sim platformer that dives into the struggles of workers. While including minimum pay and environmental issues.

In DIGGERGUN you’re not just in a platformer. You’re also on a windy island, working for the shady Cornwall Mining Corp. To break free, you need to earn £3000 by digging up precious lithium. But it’s not just about digging — you’ll need to manage your time, energy, and money during a strict day and night cycle.


  • Atmospheric World: The game is also full of characters who have their own unique personalities and storylines.
  • Multiple Endings: Your interactions matter. Who you talk to (or don’t) will change how your story ends.
  • Unique Energy System: Your actions count. The game tracks what you do and rewards or punishes you accordingly.
  • Real-life Simulation: Wages, food, rent, and more are based on the current cost of living in the UK. There’s even a tax system that mirrors real-world rates!
  • Diverse Levels: You’ll explore a mix of randomly generated mines and intricately hand-designed levels, keeping the gameplay fresh and challenging.

So, will you manage to make ends meet while digging for freedom, or will you find another way out and take down the whole system?

DIGGERGUN platformer and life-sim is due to release on Linux and Windows PC via Steam in Summer 2024. While offering support for multiple languages. Coming to both Linux and Windows PC. Priced at $9.99 USD / £8.37 / 9,99€.

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